Custom Gemstone Jewelry

transforming natural gemstones into
wearable works of art.

The rarest of gemstones, such as black opal, paraiba tourmaline and multicolor sapphire, deserve an artist capable of recognizing their beauty, and crafting them into a unique piece of custom jewelry.

llyn strong creates some of the most distinctive designs in jewelry and allows the gemstone, whether it be a padparadscha sapphire, paraiba tourmaline or Australian black opal, inspire the jewelry design. When working with rare gemstones it is important to not only highlight the natural beauty of a gem, but also create a wearable piece to be enjoyed for years. For every 10,000 diamonds mined, one paraiba tourmaline is mined.  With the mines for these gemstones now mostly exhausted, their rarity affects the value and desirability of the stones. Sapphires are often assumed to be only blue, but they can be found in a wide range of colors – some more rare than others. Padparadscha, for example, is a special type of sapphire that displays a very specific pink/peach color. Black opals, known for their play of color, are sensitive gemstones that require more protective designs and care when worn in jewelry to retain their beauty. No two gemstones are exactly alike, and your jewelry should not be either

Take a peek at some of our loose gemstones ready to be handcrafted into the perfect piece of custom jewelry. We’ve featured some of our favorites below including sapphire, paraiba tourmaline, and opals.


Padparadscha Sapphire Peach

9.4mm x 6.97mm


2.41 Carats

Heated Madagascar




Paraiba Tourmaline Blue

10.86mm x 7.38mm

Pear shape

2.44 Carats

Heated Nigeria



#92            (No Audio)

Black Opal Blue/ Green/ Multi

18.9mm x 7.8mm Pair


6.57 Carats

Untreated Australia



*The price listed does not include tax, shipping or creating a custom piece of jewelry. 

We have done our best to capture the beauty of each gemstone, but nothing compares to viewing a stone in person. We invite you to call 864.233.5900 for more information, or to schedule a virtual or in-store private appointment. 

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Meet Our
Doc of rocks

Sydney Strong holds a Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America. She is an expert in gemstone selection and evaluation. Her gemstone favorites are tourmaline and colored diamonds.

Examples of Custom Gemstone Jewelry

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